Spotting again!

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Spotting again!

Well, I woke up to brown mucusy discharge this morning! So NOT happy. I had 3 days with absolutely nothing, and I really thought I was done... Sad

ANyway, my gut is telling me that my progesterone is low. My midwife didn't seem concerned and said we only really need to test for HCG, but since I have my second draw today, I'm going to try to insist on testing my progesterone as well.

This sucks!

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:lurk: I'm sorry Sad I hope all is ok. I spotted from 6-8 weeks with this pregnacy too and it sucked.. but all is ok so far. I hope it's the same for you!!

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Hang in there -- brown discharge is indicative of old blood. So, as long as it's not new, you shouldn't stress too much! You could just be get rid of blood from implantation.

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Boo! I hope everything is okay and it's just one of those super annoying/stressful things. :vibes:

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Sad So sorry you're stressed. I really hope it's nothing. *hugs*

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i hope its nothing as well, i know we all get worried when we see blood brown or red hang in there and hoping everything goes well with your numbers

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So sorry! I would definitely insist on having a progesterone level done. It only makes sense to check it with the spotting you are experiencing. Hope it goes away.

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I think today is the bad news day.... I hope your numbers look good today!

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"Momma Leah" wrote:

I think today is the bad news day....

Today has turned out to be a pretty sad day around here. Sad

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Oh that stinks! Hope all is ok!

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I'm so sorry that you're having to worry Sad I agree with a previous post that brown means old blood, hopefully it goes away soon. I hope your second draw goes well today and that you get some good numbers.

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I would def. get it tested when you go back in.