Spotting again...

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Spotting again...

Has anyone experienced bleeding before, after they DTD? We DTD yesterday morning and last night I had some (TMI) brown mucousey discharge, and have spotted some during the night. I'm just hoping that it doesn't turn into full blown bleeding, I don't want a repeat of last Sunday. Would it be strange to spot hours afterwards? If I am going to spot and bleed, I wish I would do it during the week, so I could at least call my doctor!

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Sad Boooo! I can't say a whole lot of DTD is going on over I can't help you with that...but I just hope it's nothing. *hugs*

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*hugs* no idea Leah, sorry!

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sorry leah, we've been avoiding dtd until we go see the doctor so im not sure

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I know with DD I had some bleeding right after dtd but i dont know about hours after... im sure it was old blood and then when it passed it irritated the area.

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Leah, it's possible! Happened to me and I've had several episodes of spotting from the uterus being super sensitive as well. I say if it's not lots of red bleeding with cramps that you're ok.

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Yeah it's normal. Any time I've had spotting they've told me to be on "pelvic rest" for a few weeks. I think mostly b/c they know it will cause more spotting and freak the woman out. I don't think dtd can actually hurt anything. But we're obstaining until the second tri I think. I know it will make me spot/bleed and I dont' want to deal with it.

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Reason #1 we don't DTD in the first trimester after we find out I am pregnant.

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So I wish I had read this first. Same here! I am going to call the doctor tomorrow, but let me know if you find anything out and I'll do the same.

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I did last time, I think...trying to remember. It was totally normal, just an irritated cervix or something like that. Most likely nothing to worry about!

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If you can spot after a pelvic exam, it sure makes since you would spot after dtd. (((Hugs))) it would scare me too.

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So sorry about the spotting!! Spotting just plain sucks, even if you know there are so many "non harmful" things that can cause it! I forget, have you had an ultrasound yet? I had tons of bleeding and spotting in the beginning with this one, but once I got that ultrasound and saw a heartbeat it did help relax me.

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Yes I had one before the bleeding started, and I have had two since. It does help to see that baby is doing good, it still makes me worry little though.