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Thread: SSA's 2012 Top Baby Name List!

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    Sandra - it's also my nephew's name. And they weren't sharing the name either. But my SIL gave enough clues that I picked it out and was right! Also she has a terrible poker face - and once I decided that was the name, I mentioned it and she totally gave it away and then tried to pretend it wasn't. I'm so bad about letting people keep secrets. They never did confirm it before he was born - but I knew!
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    Sandra: even if it is top 10, a top 10 name now is more like a #25 or so name back when we were born so it doesn't necessarily mean he'll run into a million. It's really regional. Like a top 100 name here last year was Daxton but it isn't in the top 500 overall so really a baby with this name would be super unique but might have another in his class here. That happens a lot here with less common names, probably because people have such huge families in Utah and need to distinguish their kids from each other and their 50 cousins Anyway, as long as you like the name (and who couldn't, that's a GREAT name...we strongly considered it with DS1) then who cares!

    I'm just waiting for the state-by-state ones to come out next week.
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    Elora and Emalyn are not in the top 1000 female names for any year of birth in the last 13 years. Thats what it said!

    emma is #2 lol
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    The Canadian list is out too, and even province by province. Alberta had Ethan as the #2 name last year!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandraleigh View Post
    Unfortunately our top choice is in the top 10. I hate when that happens - I can't even imagine why it is so popular....
    My biggest pet peeve!!!

    I loved Kennedy for YEARS. I generally shy away from top 100 names because I like more original ones. The year she was born (2010) it was 111, then in 2011 it was 90 and in 2012 it was 83!!!! Eeps! I like to think it's less popular in Canada. :P

    Our boy name, Marshall, is currently 348 and our girl name, Cora, is 155. Yay for being out of the top 100!!!!

    Some of the names DH and I liked but threw out due to popularity were Olivia and Sophia. We also know people who have used them. Several Sophias. LOL.

    Laurie - When DD was born we liked Kaden for a boy...but all of the 'aiden' style names got SO popular that we aren't considering it this time for a boy. I still like it though!

    Sandra - Where is the Canadian list?

    We don't share names on FB or to people we know Shhhhhhhh!
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    I'm interested in the state by state lists. Lucas seems so wildly popular here. Just in our small group at church (if you aren't familiar, sometimes very big churches break people up,into groups of 4-5 families to do social stuff together so you get to know people and don't feel lost in the crowd), we have Lucas, Lucas and Luca. Kinda annoying because I didn't think it was all that popular when I chose

    ok, last year Lucas was #16 in my state. And when I picked his name in 2007 looking at the 2006 lists, Lucas (#59) was less popular than Luke (#43). That was why we chose Lucas instead of Luke. But now Lucas has jumped a ton and Luke is holding pretty steady. Oh well!
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