Still at the hospital :/

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Still at the hospital :/

Not sure if I get to go home today or not. BP still elevated but coming down with meds. I got too sick to take the meds for awhile (nonstop vomiting) and it shot right back up. So I may be looking at taking meds for quite awhile.

I don't take pain meds. I don't react well. But my hemorrhoids hurt so bad last night I let the nurse give me the max dose I was allowed. On an empty stomach. I end up vomiting nonstop for hours on end. It was awful.

Oliver was nursing great until about 10. He ate a ton overnight until seven and at we stsrted trying to feed him again and we've been having trouble getting him to suck more than once or twice before quitting. Sigh.

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I hope you are able to get your BP under control. That really stinks about the vomiting from pain meds - my mom is like that too. Good luck getting Oliver to eat too!! *hugs*

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I hope they can get your bp under control and you can go home soon! I'm sure when he gets hungry enough he will eat. Good luck with breastfeeding today!

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Sorry to hear that, I hope everything settles and you get to go home soon!

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Sorry you are having such a hard time. I really hope today is a better day for you.