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Im pretty sure they told me that it would be 4 weeks before my stitches dissolved.... I only had 2 little ones and they werent through the muscle and I was told they should heal quickly..... a week and half later I went to the bathroom and when I wiped the knot end came off! I am assuming this means the rest dissolved already? slightly worried yet at the same time there's no pain as if they had gotten "ripped" out? anyone else ever experience this?

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With DS I had an episiotomy, the stitches only took a couple weeks to dissolve. If you aren't having any pain you should be good.

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I had that exact same thing with my last stitches that were for a non muscular labial tear and was totally shocked when it happened because my stitches took 7 weeks to completely dissolve with my first (episiotomy plus tearing past that). If you didn't feel a huge tug or anything, you should be golden.