strange pain?

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strange pain?

I have been having a pain in my inner thigh where my leg attaches to my body. (only way I can think to explain it..) its not like my hip is out of socket its more like my tendons/ligaments etc are "locking" up... I will be walking fine and all of a sudden its a sharp pain and its like I can't take another step. (which was a major issue at work today) anyone else experince this and if so anyway to make it feel better (or at least keep me able to walk)

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My guess is baby's position. Do you have access to a pool? Could you sit on an exercise ball? See a chiro? I think any of those would help a lot.

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the only thing that I have found that has helped with my hip pain was heat. maybe a heating pad to the area would help?

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I have had random shooting pains there similar to what you described, but it typically is very short lived and doesn't keep happening. Definitely could be baby's position though...

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yup - I have it in that exact spot. Mine is very short lived (like a few seconds), but I'm pretty sure it's baby hitting a nerve. Does yours last much longer? Maybe baby sits on the nerve.

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I had that exact same thing the other day! I took one of my kids' huge bouncy balls and sat on it for a while, took a warm bath, and took a Tylenol and finally was able to walk normally again. I think it was mostly do to overdoing it that day. Hope you feel better!