Stretch Marks

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Stretch Marks

This made me think of those of you who are struggling TTC. Reminds me of when we were working on DD.

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Love it!!!

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Yep... I wear my stretch marks like a badge of honor! Problem is, they weren't from my babies... they are just from the yo-yo dieting I've done my whole life. But no one has to know that! lol

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LOL Sarah! I have stretch marks on my hips from gaining and losing weight. Oddly enough pregnancy didn't do too much to me except one near where my belly ring hole is. I was very lucky. I hope to stay lucky next pg.

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Great pic and comment. I hope all you 'veterans' get your BFP this month!

I was lucky too with the stretch marks, but my legs are a disaster with varicose veins.

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That's wonderful. Smile I'll have to think of that next time I'm wondering if I should bare mine by wearing a bikini.

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Aww thanks for sharing! I love it! Smile