Superman and I

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Superman and I

So... Way back yonder I posted my massive terrifying fears about the pregnancy and not wanting it and feeling like crap. I am days under 12weeks and those initial fears are gone and I now very much am excited and looking forward to meeting Superman. (Superman is the chosen name for in utero, even once a name is picked we call it Superman until its tangible!) Absolutely everyone knows and has for quite some time, but being surrounded by nurses most suspected before I told anyone. Baby daddy/boyfriend and I have more recently had pretty extensive conversations about his intended involvement with the baby and how he plans to contribute. Fortunately we are 100% on the same page.
He is not a big fan of me running regularly, or exercising really at all. But, doc cleared me to run a 200mile relay race a few weeks ago, so 3-5miles a week for as long as I can is the goal. My exhaustion has taken over and I'm finding it difficult just to eat bc I don't have the energy, unfortunately sugar is dropping too low and I'm blacking out. So I have to set alarms and at least keep Gatorade in me. I now know the warning signs so it hasn't been drastic lately.
So, this is long but I wanted to clarify my rant from over a month ago. Currently, no complaints! I've had 3 ultrasounds so far and going again next week.

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Glad to hear things are going well.

If your doc has cleared you to run, go for it but don't push yourself too hard!! I ran a ton with my 2nd pregnancy and was able to run until my last month (although by the end it was a slow job, fast walk!). It not only helped my body feel good up through the birth unlike my first pregnancy where I felt "DONE!" the last few weeks, but the weight came off sooooo much easier after. I found the key was to just listen to my body even if it meant not doing as much as I "thought" I could/should because we have no idea how much work our body is going through making a baby!

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Im so glad your happily pregnant. I love that you call the baby superman... adorable.

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Oh yay!!!! I'm so happy every single time you chime in. We all want the best for you, and it sounds like things are working out wonderfully! You're going to be an awesome mom!!!!

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Glad to hear that things are going well and hope that they continue to.

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i have been thinking of you and wondering how you've been doing. glad to hear you and BF are on the same page and he wants to be involved. Just to think in a couple of weeks you'll be feeling your superman kick Smile

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So glad you and Superman are doing well!

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Great update! I'm excited and happy for you!! I love it when first time moms share their experience. You're going to love it when baby gets bigger and stronger and you can feel the's so awesome. It's great too that you are so active; it really will make the pregnancy easier if you stay healthy and active. Smile

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I'm so happy things are more positive for you now! Enjoy your little Superman!

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This is such a nice thing to hear and superman is such a cute name for baby! I hope you continue to feel positive!

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So glad you're feeling better about the pregnancy! Stressed mom = stressed baby. I'm also glad you've talked it over with your boyfriend and you guys are on the same page.