Swollen anyone?

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Swollen anyone?

I am feeling very swollen today. Feet, legs, hands, and wrists. Had to take off my rings. Anyone else?

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I have never had much trouble with swelling while pregnant. Maybe a little, but hardly noticeable. I know a lot of people have trouble with it though.

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I haven't really had that before either. When I had my maternity photos a few days before K was born people noticed I still had my wedding bands on. LOL. I really hope to not get it this time either. It sounds poopy. Sad Sorry you're getting it.

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I usually get pretty swollen towards the end - like 34 weeks on. But this time I started out a lot skinner and so my rings were really loose. Usually by the end, I am wearing them on my necklace though.

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Boo! I only got swollen with my first during my last month, but I also developed pre-e so I'm guessing it was related. Last time I didn't swell at all and am *crossing my fingers* that is the case again!

My poor friend IRL swells so badly when pregnant that by this point she can't wear regular shoes and you can dent her skin by pushing on it. It's nuts and she says is crazy uncomfortable Sad

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I had it really bad with dd, I couldn't even wear flip flops by 34 weeks. It's part of pre e tho.

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I feel like my knee is swollen, but it is more related to the weather than it is to pregnancy.

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Mine doesn't kick in until 34 weeks or so and it only gets bad if I'm on my feet all day. With Lucas, the day of my sister's wedding, my legs were in unrecognizable they were so swollen! But I was on my feet that entire day.

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i usually dont get swollen until the end but ds was born may 1st so as soon as it started to get warm here i was swelling up. this time around havent really felt much swelling but there was one day that it was 60 degrees and my hands and feet got a little swollen. so im sure i'll have some issues earlier on.. i cant wear my wedding and engagement ring its to tight

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I have started swelling a little already.. I think part of it is our weather... part of it is just me. When it gets warm my hands swell and the heaters in the school are already killing me. I had to take my engagement ring off last week (and my socks are leaving marks on my ankles) hoping the wedding band lasts a little whlie longer.

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I'm constantly swollen now... I hope your ring lasts longer patience!

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My engagement ring is almost ready to come off too. I had lots of swelling with DD but not really any with DS. I'm thinking its going to be a girl this time too because the swelling is already starting. We will see!