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Symptom Thread

Okay ladies! There are soooo many BFP'S this month which is absolutely amazing! Anyone who got their BFP mind sharing any symptoms they had before the BFP? You know, to give us 2 week waiters something to obsess about? Wink

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sore boobies, excessive peeing, mood swings, heartburn (and Im sure there's tons more)

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Sore boobs for sure. They felt like they were full of milk, if you have ever nursed:). I noticed more peeing too, but that was about it.

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I actually felt pretty normal until my bfp. To normal for AF to arrive. Maybe alittle moody!

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Light nausea, particularly when I was getting hungry, full feeling boobs just started yesterday, I've been totally spacey today ... I really noticed this at work, just getting things mixed up and saying things backwards etc. total pregnancy brain. Also had pinching and achiness down low since about 6 DPO

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:lurk: I knew I was pregnant before I even tested. My boobs were SO sore.

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Before my bfp I had a nose bleed and bloody gums a day or two before I tested. I also noticed that my cervical position hadn't changed to low and firm like it usually does before af, also had a lot of creamy cm during the time where I would usually have next to nothing. With ds it was really bad gas and implantation cramping that I felt before my bfp. Since my bfp this time I have definitely had the boob thing going on also more tired than usual and maybe some very slight nausea.

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tired way tired, and sore boobs, very sore, crazy dreams, and sleeping terribly.

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My boobs are on fireeeeee

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pinching/pulling feeling of round ligament pain; nausea if I didn't eat prior to BFP.

Now I'm feeling the full boobs, more nausea, emotional plus still the ligament pain.

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I'll be the odd one sore boobs but line don't get sore with AF. My bigger symptoms were getting a sore throat about 9 DPO (has happened each pregnancy) and then my LACK if cramping as I normally cramp from about 7 DPO on randomly. That's really it for me!

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"Momma Leah" wrote:

They felt like they were full of milk, if you have ever nursed:).

I started getting a milk let down sensation starting my BFP day. I guess your body doesn't forget!

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It was my boobs that tipped me off. They were sore, a deep achy sore, not really painful, just different that usual. That's what really made me want to test. I had no intentions of testing that early. The other symptoms that were different from last month were super extreme irritability, I mean way more than usual. The other thing was CM I had way more than usual and it didn't go away. I hope that helps those of you who are still waiting. I HATE the wait!!!