Telling people...

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Telling people...

So we're still in the middle of telling people about baby. Some people got their Christmas cards on Friday and I got about 7-8 emails/PMs about them...but I sent 36 so who knows if they all got delivered. I guess not everyone will say something. I originally thought I'd post on FB this weekend but I'm going to give it another day for people to get the cards. The people who got the cards so far said it was so cool and such a nice surprise in the card. So I'm thinking around dinner time Christmas eve...or maybe after dinner to post on FB.

My dad phoned me the other day about what to buy K for Christmas. While we were on the phone he said "Hey look, your Christmas card just arrived!" so I told him to open it. He was SO SLOW...Does he not know what an U/S pic is? He was reading the card out loud (torture!) then he says "Really? Really?" over and over as I say "yes". It was so awkward. Then I said "why would I joke about that?". Then he says "no, you wouldn't!". but he just couldn't get past "really?". So then I said "you were allowed to have two kids, why can't I?". LOL. Anyways, I think he said congrats and all that stuff...but it was still sort of weird. I'm not sure if he was excited or just ??? I don't know. DH said when he called my dad to tell him K was born he could tell my dad was crying or tearing up...getting emotional. So ??? We aren't super close so I'm not good at reading him. Anyways, it is what it is...

On Friday afternoon I sent an email to our 6 co-workers saying 'Merry Christmas' and attached the card announcing the boss knows too now. His reaction was an email reply saying 'WOW Congratulations guys'. Always an awkward moment telling your boss you're going to take a year off. Blum 3 At least he lives on the other side of the continent! Anyways, he has 4 kids so he shouldn't be surprised.

So ya, we're mostly 'out' now. I'm not hiding anything when I go out and it feels so liberating! I haven't ran into anyone who doesn't know or had anyone ask so maybe I just look fat. Blum 3

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Heather, when we told my parents about our first child, we gave them Christmas cards in person announcing that I was pregnant. Both of my parents, especially my mom, had a reaction VERY similar to what you described from your dad. He's fine... just caught him by surprise is all. Smile For whatever reason maybe he figured you would only have one child, or he simply didn't expect the second one at this point in time.

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Thanks Laurie! My dad has been going through a lot I can kind of get it. He quit drinking a year ago after being an alcoholic my whole life and has been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts this year. Sad So sad. He even spent some time in the psych ward while they could get his meds stabilized. I'm sure all of that plays a bit into it.

We told MIL and my mom in person with K wearing her shirt and they were both just so happy. So this was odd. My MIL is an only child and she's VERY against only children. Her life must have been lonely for her to have such strong feelings about it.

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Glad you are pretty much all "out" other than FB! Feels great huh Wink

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Yeah my parents were pretty blas? about it too. Or just didn't take it well, I don't know. At least it wasn't as bad as when we told them about DD. Oh well, I no longer care haha!

when I told my boss he was super excited and gave me a big hug, then I told him I wasn't retuning from maternity leave, oops! Hana. He took it so well though and was really supportive, which was nice Smile

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glad it went well, it is def awkward to tell the news because u just never know but im telling u it feels so good to get it out and be free and not worry about if someone is guessing im pregnant and i can wear what i want

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Heather my mom asked if it was a joke too! I think it was the surprise of not knowing we were trying and they weren't really expecting it. but they were excited. so maybe your dad was just surprised but you couldnt quite read it bc you were on the phone and not seeing his facial expression?