Thanks everyone!

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Thanks everyone!

Thanks for all the support and encouragement and waiting with me for our last June Babe to finally arrive--in July!

Not ready for the long birth story but here is the short version.

I will say it was super fast and far, far, FAR more painful than I expected. I do not know how people go drug free for labors lasting longer than 90 minutes. I was going out of my mind and there were screams and sounds and words coming out of this mouth that never have before. I totally underestimated the difference without the epi. Yikes. So thankful for how fast things went. He was born at 3:36pm and it was about 3:25 when I insisted, not so calmly, that I would not be continuing until I got an epidural, hahahaha.

I had to have cytotec (a pill they stick "up there", I had never heatd of it) because, like heather, they said my cervix was behind baby's head. That brought it forward and to 100% after four hours but I was STILL at 4. Broke my water at 2:00. Got a dose of IV meds at 2:15 and was told I could have more in an hour. It helped for the first 5 contractions before they became so intense it didn't matter. Made it to 3:15 for dose 2, which took the edge of two contractions! By 3:20 I wanted to push but my doc was in surgery and the on call wasn't there yet. They were telling me to try not to push and I was screaming "don't tell me what to do, he's coming out now, I don't care what you say!" Doc showed up and said I could push. One good push and his head came out. He had meconium so they cleaned his node and mouth extra carefully before he came out the rest of the way. After 2-3 minutes they said to give a small push and I didn't even have to, one good contraction threw him right on out at 3:36!

Recovery without an epidural is so different. So much easier! So much faster! It was horrible in the moment. Truly hellish. But worth it after the fact!!!!

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I hear the Cytotec causes it to hurt a heck of a lot more...

Oliver is a cutey. Congrats dear!

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I was so scared when I hear you had Cytotec. I've heard bad things about it. Sad I'm so glad all went well. Smile

Cheers to you on the super fast recovery. You SO deserve it. You have had a hellish pregnancy! Something NEEDS to go your way!

Oliver is SO CUTE!

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In reality, the contractions are MUCH worse when they break your water early on (at like 4-5 cm). I've never been able to handle those contractions without an epi!! So, BIG congrats on getting through those!! I'm glad your recovery has been easier. I agree, that not having the epi does make a difference. I can't believe they told you not to push, and that his head was out for 2-3 minutes before his body. I think I would have died. Once that head comes out, I get that body out FAST... and yes, I always scream when they come out, can't help it!! It sounds like you did an AMAZING job!!!!! Congrats!!

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They were really worried about the meconium. There were nicu staff standing by and everything. So I think that's why. It could've been less time but it felt like several minutes! I felt so much relief when his head came out, I was so happy. It took awhile to feel desperate to get the rest of him out. With epidurals I never even felt them coming out so it was really different! What amazing relief!!!!

I have pretty serious hemorrhoid issues today. Agony. They started before the birth when he dropped but got much worse. I feel like that is my only pain. Even an 800 mg Motrin AND a Percocet aren't helping. Otherwise the cramping has slowed, my bleeding is already lessening... My stitches don't even really hurt. Stupid hemorrhoids.

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I'm amazed at how fast u went and how u did it with no Epi! Wow! And congrats on your little man, sorry I'm late on that. Hope the pain lessens soon,

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Congrats! I definitely said I wouldn't do it again. My water is always broken early, so it is way too painful at the end. I was swollen and hurting, I used the ice packs for 24 hours and then the witch hazel pads, the cold spray, and the hemi cream. I started to feel "normal" at the end of the first week.

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Congrats, he is a cutie!

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My hemis are still here. They like me apparently... Sad

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I agree about the recovery being different without an epi. I am still recovering though (but I also have probably been doing more than I should have! ) I felt TONS better right afterwards.... and i do feel it has been a somewhat quicker recovery but at the same time Im still feeling drained!

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