Is there any hope for this little one?

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Is there any hope for this little one?

Hello everyone. Some of you may recognize me. I've been posting on and off over the years. Anyway, I'm preggo with #6, but I'm not feeling real hopeful that this bean is going to stick... Sad

I tested at 8dpo and got a faint positive. 9dpo I woke up to light bleeding and thought it was over, but no more bleeding the rest of the day. Long story short I've tested each day since 8dpo, and each day the line has gotten slightly darker. I've continued to have spotting or light bleeding every day since 9dpo. Last night I had some really bad cramps for awhile and really expected to start gushing blood (the cramps are what I remember of the miscarriage I had in the past), but the cramps dissipated. Today so far has just been VERY light spotting.

Anyway, I've never had a successful pregnancy with any kind of bleeding, but I know that many women do. So, any ideas what might be causing this other than an impending miscarriage? Anyone else ever experience something similar with a positive outcome?

Is there really any point in seeing a doc at this point? I know they can check my HCG levels, but really, until we can see on an ultrasound (around 6 weeks) we won't know for sure what is going on anyway.


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I think there's hope! I've never had bleeding, but I know it can happen for a variety of reasons besides m/c. I certainly understand being worried. I would be to! I would call my Dr. at least to see what they say. Good luck and I hope you have a sticky bean!!

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I am sorry to hear about the troubles you have been having. I really have no advice except that I would call your doctor. Things may end up fine, good luck to you.

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I have had bleeding with both of my preg. My first one I did on and off for 12 weeks and my 2nd only a bit here and there before 7 weeks

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Jenny, was there ever an explanation given for your bleeding? Also, how early did your bleeding start?

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I would call the doctor to make an appointment for 6-7 weeks. Then you'll know where you stand. You can always cancel before then too.

I hope the baby is okay! Hugs!

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I had some bleeding with DS. It was never enough to soak a pad but definitely enough to scare me. I don't remember having cramps with it really though. I agree about calling your doctor and making an appointment for around 6 weeks. I really hope everything is ok.

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I bled with DS. Check out the link below and scan through my charts. I actually bled and cramped so much I thought it was a period and moved to the next cycle. I didn't find out I was pg until I tested at "9 DPO" and got a line so dark it was ridiculous. My beta was 21000. After an ultrasound we found it was a subchorionic bleed that took another 6 weeks to resolve.
GL and don't give up!!!

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Thanks everyone. Well, I am actually cautiously optimistic at this point. My bleeding/spotting has become almost non existent today. Also, I did some reading and maybe it's possible that I'm having "breakthrough bleeding." Basically where your period is about to start and the egg implants just before. There is not enough HCG in the body yet, and some of the uterine lining sheds. I've always had short LPs (around 10-11 days). But when my cycle first resumes after a pregnancy (this is my first cycle and I'm nursing two babies still) it's even shorter. This is what I'm telling myself anyway... Smile Hopefully the spotting is indeed ending, and this little bean has a fighting chance.

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Laurie I hope that the spotting stops. My mom spotted a lot with me and actually thought she was going to lose me. Clearly, it didn't happen. I hope the same goes for your wee one. *hugs*