for those that go to the hospital and this is not #1......

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for those that go to the hospital and this is not #1......

What do you do with your other little ones? Our plan was that DS's grandparents were goign to come stay with him overnight. all planned out. we never considered anything else (he's stayed at their house tons so now he gets a sleepover at HIS house..) today my mom mentions that she thinks DH should go home after baby is here and not spend the night at the hospital bc of DS. I guess she's worried that Ds will be upset bc DH is with mommy and baby at the hospital, and not here with him etc. I hadnt considered anything but DH being at the hospital. I had a had a hard time moving around etc after DS was born and it was a help to have him there. (plus Im not a fan of hospitals ) what do you ladies do?

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In laws had dd1 at their house. Have 3 siblings still with them so she had lots of distraction plus she's much younger, honestly not to be mean to dh but he didn't do much at the hospital anyway tho it would have been mentally hard to be there alone with everything that happened... Idk what will be best for u and your ds. Hope it all works out.

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My kids are supposed to go to SIL's house. But she will be out of town next weekend so hopefully I make it longer than that. My kids are 5 and 8 so a night without mommy isn't exactly traumatizing. They can't wait, actually. Tori was 2.5 when Lucas was born and stayed with a relative she barely knew (the one night my mil was out if town!). She was fine. She spent the second night with my in-laws (Lucas was born after midnight so technically we were there two nights. Yuck. So boring).

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With both this baby and DS1, DH didn't stay at the hospital. My mom took our kids and then DH stayed with them at night.

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My DH only stayed overnight at the hospital with our first two. When we had #3 and #4, DH went home as soon as he could to be with the other kids. Not like he rushed off as soon as they were born, but he didn't stay the night or anything.

I don't think I'd be concerned about your DS being without mommy and daddy for one night. But my kids were used to staying with Grandma. Is your DS used to it? Looks like he is fine with sleepovers with Grandma, so why should it be any different? I wouldn't be too concerned.

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my son is staying at my parents house who live across the street from the hospital. my mom works at the hospital so she'll be there during delivery. DH didnt stay at the hosptial when I had DS he still had to work for the days i was at the hospital which is what i wanted since i really waned him to start his vacation the day i got home which is when i needed him most. same thing is going to happen this time as well he'll work until i get home from the hospital

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DH didn't stay with DD. We didn't have anyone to stay overnight, so he went home. She was born at 6ish at night. He did stay this time, just because DS2 wasn't born until 9:40 then we chilled out for an hour or so..he went to get food, and they checked out DS, so we didn't get to our room until after midnight. Our friend was able to stay the night, and DH went home super early to help get ready for the day.

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DS is fine with his mom mom and pop pop... He's stayed at their house for a week at a time before (they were never allowed to spend a lot of time with their other grandchildren and we started him off young with staying with them...we also lived with them for 6 months before he was a yr old) He has NO issue staying with them. Its my mom that's concerened that DS is going to feel "left out" etc with new baby and daddy not being home. we had both planned on DH being at the hospital with me the whole time. its a 30 min + drive in one direction and to me its silly to waste the gas that much back and forth ( he's already planning on going a little bit during the day ) I dont know why my mom is making such a big deal about it. she's got me irritated and keeps giving all of htese things we need/dont need to do and Its not what I want.. (she's also the same when it comes to having a friend in the room to take pictures (DH will forget to take pics, my mom CANt take I want a firend in there for support and so we caputre all of htose special moments) mom says we dont need the pictures. but I do need them. There were things i didnt get to see bc of hte room set up and DH doesnt remember part of it because it was a whirlwind. I dont want to not have those memorires bc we didnt have pictures taken. now she's on our case about who is at the hospital.

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We had my in laws stay at my house each time we had a kid. DH likes to stay with me cause I need the help after the csection and he really is an amazing help! My kids are very comfortable with my in laws and have done great each time. The kids did come visit us everyday and my husband did go home a couple times during the day to spend some quality time with the kids so that they wouldn't feel like they were taking a Backseat to the new baby.

My suggestion to you is to do what you think is right. If you think he will be fine. Then he will. Try not to stress what others say. You and your husband know your son best. Good luck mama.

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DH stayed at home with ours and my mom stayed at the hospital with me. For us that worked much better. I actually would have been perfectly happy to stay at the hospital by myself! I did end up staying just one night this last time too.

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My mom stayed here with DD for FOUR nights. She was such a trooper. We need to get her a thank-you gift. We were here labouring 2 days and nights, but the other two we were in the hospital for. DH stayed with me at the hospital. Because of my blood loss I couldn't have been there alone anyways...not that I wanted to be. DD was great for my mom but starting acting up at the end because she was SO excited to be a big sister.

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DS stayed with papa for thd whole time and he and NHL mom brought him back and forth. (They live walking distance for the hospital)

I had DH sleep at their house thd first night do he could rest better. He ended up studying with me thd second night because he wanted to.