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We had snow here Friday and I went to pick the children up from school. Normally I walk them to and from school but on Friday I took the car to pick them up because we were going out straight from school. About 5 minutes after getting them in the car and driving off, a car slid into the back of us and pushed us into the path of an oncoming car. I was only doing about 20mph, the car coming the other way was doing about 30mph. My eldest was sat in the front of the car and the two youngest in the back. My eldest took the brunt of the crash and has broken his left leg in 2 places and had an operation yesterday on it. He also has a broken wrist and has cuts and bruises. He is sitting up in bed and seems ok in himself but very quiet from the shock. My daughter was sat on the left of the car and was knocked unconscious for around 10-15 minutes. They are keeping a close eye on her in the hospital. My youngest is thankfully ok apart from superficial cuts and bruises. I have broke my left shoulder and collar bone. As for the babies - yes, you did read that right, they are doing fine! Ultrasound shows them wriggling around like crazy and are being monitored closely.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! Glad to hear you are all ok in the grand scheme of things! Hope your road to recovery is quick for you all! And glad babies are doing ok!

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OMG!!! How scary! Glad y'all are (mostly) ok. And twins!!! YAY!!!! Glad they're doing well!!!

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That was not a very safe way to get an early ultrasound :D! Congrats on the good news that came out of it! Sorry to hear about everyone else though. I am glad that things were not as bad as they could have been though. I will pray that you all have a speedy recovery!

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I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Im glad everyone is overall ok and the BABIES too! Congrats on the twins

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OMG, I'm so sad to read about your accident. What a whole lot of sadness! I'm glad everyone seems to be in good hands though.

WOW on the twins! I just have to giggle because of the earlier discussion about twins. Also, what a way to find out that there are two in there! I'm guessing they did an u/s after the accident to check on baby and found two? What a neat story that will be once you're all better.


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How scary!! I'm so glad that everyone will be ok, and congrats on TWINS!!!!

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Yikes so glad everyone is going to be okay. Your poor DS! But wow congrats on the twins!

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I can't believe it's actually twins!!! That's pretty crazy. I hope everyone heals up quickly and recovers fully - that's quite a scare!

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Glad that you guys are all "ok" and that it wasn't worse. but exciting for twins!

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How scary. I am praying that everyone heals quickly and smoothly! And Congrats on your twins!!!

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My DD's family rolled over in their car last weekend. All is well, but it certainly takes a LOT out of you! Basically, I consider it my miracle for the year, considering white might have been. I hope you are thanking your lucky stars as well!!!

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Soooo glad you are all "ok". Praying for a speedy recovery for everyone. Yeah for twins, though!!!

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oh my sorry for the accident but Yay!! for for twins

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