Today I am Thankful for...

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Today I am Thankful for...


I recently lost a bunch of weight and still had my fat jeans laying around. My belly is growing but my fat jeans still fit! 'Luckily' my hips and thighs and what I buy jeans for so there is plenty of growing room in the belly area. I hope I can get away with these pants for a few more weeks!!!

What are you thankful for????

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Right now this strawberry Popsicle that actually tastes good. Hope it tastes as good coming back up because nothing has stayed down today.

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an amazing little 4 year old that seems to amaze me all the time on how sweet he really is, i hope he stays that way forever

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Pop rocks, cheap hamburgers and milky ways.

Wait why is my list all food?!

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Laffy Taffy, Starburst and other fruity flavored candy.

I keep saying I have no pregnancy symptoms this time but that's not exactly true. Pregnancy makes me love cherry flavored candy!!!! I am pretty sure I haven't eaten Laffy Taffy since Lucas. Thankfully the kids got tons of it for Halloween!

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For DS saying "I love you mommy" all the time now!!!

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I am so thankful for fat jeans too!! Biggrin I have a bunch left over that were my post partum jeans, and they are working pretty well as early preg jeans too!! Haha!

I am also thankful that my u/s is just around the corner (Tuesday!) and tomorrow I am out of the 200's for days left in pregnancy! Fun milestone!