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    I heard something about sitting up straight to help the baby move into position - I guess as opposed to lying down or reclining a lot. You could try squats or something too Let gravity do the work so to speak. I hope your LO one comes soon! I know how antsy I'm getting, and you're a week ahead of me. With DD I was 2cm and 95% effaced almost a week before she came (and that was a first pregnancy!), it's too bad dilation means about nothing until you're actually in active labor. Good luck mama - hang in there!
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    I hope it happens soon! I know if I get to the point you are at I'll be really antsy and bummed. I know it can seem ridiculous to feel that way when you haven't yet reached the EDD but when there is a history of not getting that far it can be hard to go longer.

    Lots of best wishes for labor starting now coming your way.
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    I hope he joins ema here soon!
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    Thanks ya'll. With DS I started at 1. So it doesn't really matter. If I could just dilate 1 cm more, he would definitely break my water though. As far as sharing a birthday with my other DS, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I think it would be neat, and DS thinks it would be cool too. But I am afraid he wouldn't think so as he gets older. I think tomorrow I will spend some time on my exercise ball, maybe that will work him down a little!
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    Hubby just inflated my exercise ball too! Perhaps some hip rolls on it might help work him down?
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    Well, obviously baby came down!! I just wanted to say (which you know now too) that baby doesn't have to be down for labor to start. I think Aidan didn't come "down" until sometime during the last hour of labor.
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