today's appt

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today's appt

So today's appt went well. at my last one I was measuring a week behind... and this one I am measuring 2 weeks ahead. and gained 3 lbs (which she said was all probably baby--they normally havent commented on weight) blood pressure is now under watch. (though they never said what it was) she said she wants to start watching.. its not bad but almost. heartbeat I think they said was 140? Im feeling really crappy today and Im not sure if its worn down, blood pressure allergies or getting sick. SIGH. and a busy weekend a head! Next appt is in 2 weeks!

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Feel better soon and relax! You can't do it all girl!

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I hope you feel better

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Sorry you are feeling well. Glad things are looking good with baby though :vibes:

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good to hear a good apointment. take it easy lady