Today's Test

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Today's Test

Figured I would share one more test from me since my first one was so light. Hope ya'll can see this one. Biggrin

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Looks great!!!

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I can see it without squinting on my laptop which means it'll be blazing red on my phone! YAY! It's really true!!!!

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So happy!!!

(Phone playing up with this site so may be a bit elusive...)

I am overjoyed for you!!!!!!

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Thanks Liz! I've been wondering where you were. Glad to hear from you. Smile I see you started a new cycle. I hope this fresh start is your last for a good long while. :goodluck:

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Looks great! Thats about what mine looked like at 11dpo! Congrats!

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Getting Darker! Smile

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yep i def see!!!!

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That's a great line! I could totally see the first one too though, but it always so great to see that line getting darker!! Smile