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told work today

We had a bridal shower and there's antoher teacher that is preg as well (we are due like days apart) and after they told the brides to be to go get their food no one else was going so one of the teacehrs that knew we were both preg yelled "if you are pregnant go get in line!" The toher teacher looked at me, grinned and jumped up. so I joined her. tons of shocked looks! some of the ones I thought for SURE knew... didnt!

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HA HA HA! I forgot that pregnant women get to eat first at weddings and stuff! So cool. Too bad I probably won't have any weddings between now and June.

Happy weekend to you! Do you get 5 days off now? wooo hooooo!

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hehe, how fun!! Biggrin It's always exciting to share the least it should be...and I'm glad you enjoyed it today. Smile

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My friend who is due June 1 did her FB announcement today. I'm SO envious. I still have 4+ weeks to wait! GAH! I want to be 'out'.

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Psh I've never gotten to eat first for being pregnant! That sounds like a sweet deal. My work knows too. They were suspicious about why I didn't take any time off this week (besides thanksgiving b/c its' a paid holiday). So I was like errr I can't use any of my personal leave because I'm saving it...they knew. Since I won't have worked there for a year the personal leave I'm accruing will be my only paid time off (about 3 1/2-4 weeks).

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Nice!! What a fun way to share the news! Smile

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That would be fun! i never got to eat first either.

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I'm jealous about eating first too!

That's really a cute wa to let everyone know.