tomorrow's appt

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tomorrow's appt

Im excited and nervous all rolled together for tomorrow's appt. The due date the drs office gave me was June 20th. thats only 4 days away. The due date I figured based on timing/charting etc... is June 18th. Tomorrow is hte 17th. I am at the point I want to hold baby in my arms and not have the severe pain every morning, or every other time I walk being in such pain I almost fall (and my pain tolerance is very high). I want him here because his brother is so excited and keeps askign when hes coming. The last few weeks have been miserable and uncomfrotable and I had hoped to be holding him by now (esp since we started the contractions back at 25 weeks and the drs didnt think I'd even make it to 39 weeks. Im tired of my mom thinking I need a babysitter (she wanted to come "sit with me" while DH was gone for like an hour the other day) and telling me what I need to be eating shouldnt be eating etc. I hope that at the appt tomorrow they decide to just send me, and that excites me and terrfies me at the same time. I mean we felt so much more prepared for ds than we do now and I feel like we are going to forget what its like to have a baby but at the same time with DS we hadnt been there maybe that's why we were "more" prepared? I'm so ready but at the same time im NOT ready at all. is this normal feelings for a 2nd time mom??? SO Im hoping that we can go to the appt tomorrow and they send us to the hospital, but at the same time Im totally nervous that will happen as well! (and it doesnt help that all of the labor like symptoms I had previousluy are GONE)
sorry for the vent.
SO hoping for an eventful (in good ways) appt tomorrow... and praying they DONT switch my dr again this time!

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I think it's normal!! Hope things get started soon!

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Good luck! What time is your appointment?

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I can't wait to hear about your appointment!! I think your feelings are definitely "normal." I think at the end of pregnancy, "anything goes!!!"

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I agree with PP that its totally normal to feel that way. I wanted my little guy to stay in right up until the week I was due then suddenly felt as ready as I could be and wanted him out! Funny how our hormones mess with us. It'll all be fine when he comes, you just figure everything out as you go. So good luck at your appt tomorrow; if your doc wants you to wait it out a bit longer just think of it as a little bonus time with your DS.

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Hoping you get good news!