too young to travel?

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too young to travel?

I want to go to michigan on maternity leave, but am unsure if it is too early to travel with little lady. She would be 2 1/2 months old roughly.

Doctor doesn't mind as long as she has had her first round of shots.

I want to go because I postponed traveling with DS because of age and my grandma passed away when he was 4 months old. Sad I'm so nervous that my other grandma and grandpa may never see her as well. (he's 91 and she's 89, good health though)

ANyone traveled on a plane with an infant that young? suggestions/advice?

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I have done plane travel with a 4 week old. I say, never too young to travel Smile

In fact, we traveled with our 3 kids, ages, 4, 2, and 4 weeks old in a car for 14 hours and 2 flights, all in a row. We were pretty much all stars. We traveled for 23 hours straight LOL! We were slightly insane, but no one died Wink

I think traveling with a nursing infant is probably easier than with a toddler. The only crappy thing about flying with infants is that sometimes airplanes don't have fold down tables to change them in the bathroom. My babies have always been pretty good on airplanes. Sure, they'll cry, but unless you're sitting by some jerky people, it doesn't have to be a big deal. I nurse during takeoff and landing (they'll prefer that you don't nurse during those times, but screw them. Once the flight attendants go sit down, I just nurse anyways. Better for baby's eardrums to be drinking at those times) and make the best of the situation. I have had some hellish flights traveling with kids, but it was never because of the newborn!!

By the time my DD was 13 months old, she'd been on 17 flights. Obviously we don't travel as much anymore with 4 kids now!

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Tori was born May 28th and I flew with her at the end of June.

Oliver is driving 8 hours in August. He will be six weeks.

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I love traveling and they are much easier to travel with when they stay put! DD was 8 months the first time we took her on a plane and she just nursed and slept. I would do it! Smile

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I'd do it since she'll have first shots. I travel with my babies very young but never have on a plane prior to 2 months, the concern being you are in close contact with a lot of people and basically "trapped" in a closed space with who knows who on the plane. But I agree with what others have said, they are so much easier when they're younger.

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I have to share this experience because it was so funny. We took Robbie out to visit my family when he was 13 months old. When we were leaving the plane the flight attendant went to give Robbie a high 5. He thought she wanted to hold him and jumped out of Sean's arms and into hers before anyone could do anything. We all laughed about it, the poor woman having a toddler come flying at her.

They were great with telling me which bathroom had a change table and then bagged the stinky diaper so other people would not have to smell it. They also held Robbie so I could use the bathroom which was so nice.