Took another test...

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Took another test...

Because of the spotting and bleeding. I had spotted pink sat, then brown, sunday, by the end of the day it was turning red but not bright red. I am the same way today but by late morning no more blood. So I thought I would take one more test to see if it still said pregnant and it didnt it says not pregnant now Sad I have a dr appointment for tomorrow night but I am going to call them after their lunch hr to see if they will take me in tonight. I am so upset and bummed out.

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Oh, I am so sorry that this is happening to you, hopefully it will work out.

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Oh Jenny. Sad I'm so upset for you. Please keep us posted on what the doctor says. *hugs*

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:bighug: I'm sorry. Good luck at the doctor's.

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oh no Sad good luck at the doctors

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I'm so sorry! I hope the Dr can see you sooner!

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So sorry Sad

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Oh no!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry!

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This makes me so sad Sad

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So sorry. Good luck at the dr!!!!

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So sorry - positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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Im so sorry!

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So sorry! I hope you were able to get to see the doctor.

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I'm so sorry hon! Hugs!

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I called my Dr and they had me keep my appointment which is tomorrow night the u/s tech will be there and they want to do a scan along with bloodwork.

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Your in my t&p. KUP!

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I'm so sorry Jenny

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I am so sorry Sad