totally NOT baby related BUT!

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totally NOT baby related BUT!

I had my end of the year eval!! My principal informed me today he didnt care if they were wheeling me out today but I could not leave the building before I signed the paper! (He was kidding of course!...maybe halfway.. I know he wanted it take care of before I went out.. due to contractual/legal etc matters. ) we met after school since all of hte during school times we planned ran into issues. I was listed as effective, and keeping my same grade...AND next year I am on informal evals rather than formal (instead of 4 times being observed by the board office AND the principal I only have 2 by the principal!) weight on shoulders = GONE (at least that bit of weight now on to the other end of the year stuff) :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:!

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Congratulations! It's so nice to be over another hurdle! Go you!

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That's great news!! Smile

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Woohoo! Congrats! I know it feels good to get that behind you. Smile

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What a relief. Now cook that baby and take care of yourself!

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That's great!!!!