totally off topic but looking for recommendations

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totally off topic but looking for recommendations

for a cell phone. We ahve verizon and my current phone, an android stinks! I have the droid incredible 2. and it does not hold battery for more than half a day, and the service often stinks (I can stand next to DH who has perfect signal and not even have half the signal bars he does) . suggestions? I have had a lot of people suggest the samsung galaxy 3. I was thinking iphone but am not sure if its worth the price. (we do already ahve an ipad so we are already purchasing apps) So Im looking for great battery life AND good signal qualitiy.

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My BIL had issues with the Droid too. DH has the S3 and it is pretty great and has pretty good reception quality. My sister has the Note2 and that thing is GIANT, like silly big for a phone but it is also really good. I have a cheapo Samsung and it is great. I tend to think all things Apple are over priced bricks but mostly its because they release a new Iphone every year and people RUN out to change in their 6 month old Iphone for something basically the same and in my frugal mind I just can't get on board with it. I suppose if you were to get it and keep it for an amount of time that would make spending that amount of money worth it, the Iphone can be worth it if it is what you want. But Samsung does make some great phones for a lot less and they have great quality, if you aren't a person who "needs" an Iphone they are the way to go.

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Love my iPhone!!!

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I have an iPhone too but only because I was given it for my birthday after my iPod was stolen. I like it fine but I don't think it walks on water like some people. Anyway, I'll second the recommendation for the Galaxy if you don't go with Apple, I'm a big Samsung fan as far as quality and have heard good things about that phone.

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iPhone. If you already have an iPad, iPhone. No question. All your music syncs, as does your calendar, email, app purchases, website bookmarks, etc. it just makes life so much easier.

as for price, my hubby is deciding between an iPhone and a few different Droids and they are all the same price so I don't think that's really an issue.

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Pricewise both should be around the same these days, at least it is up here. Most places you can get a Samsung Galaxy 3 or iPhone 5 for $0 with a 3 year contract. The Samsung Galaxy 4 is a little more expensive than the iPhone though as it just came out.

If you have an iPad already, I second the the iPhone as everything will sync up nicely. But if you want something different, the Galaxy phones are nice as well. Between DH and I, we have them all for our work and personal phones (Galaxy 4, Note, and iPhone). I like my iPhone but when my contract is up in December I'm considering the Note due to the stylus. I do a lot of art and drawing and I like the apps that come with the Note for that.

As for battery life, all of them are about the same. With regular use, you are looking at charging every night no matter which you choose.

I hope that helps!

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I have no problem charging every night... its when I have to charge by lunchtime and I took the phone off the charger full charged at like 8 or so (and havent been using it!)

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as for linking calendar and all, my gmail account links htat with my droid phone, and since I have the gmail on the ipad it also links the ipad with my calendar. so not sure that will make a difference no matter which phone I get either. hmmmm.