Travel at 35 weeks?

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Travel at 35 weeks?

I have to make a decision soon about a two day trip to Kentucky for a family reunion. It's about a five hour drive. That's a lot to some people but we are road warriors so to us that's a quick drive. Smile

If I were someone who typically went overdue, I wouldn't bat an eye. But since my other two were 37 and 39 weeks, I'm a bit more nervous that 35 weeks is too close for comfort. And besides going into labor, the major concern us really the discomfort of being in the car that long two days in a row.

Would you do it?

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Hummmm...considering I'd have gone to Vegas at 35 weeks if my insurance let me, I'd probably go...that said, I didn't go into labour as early as you did (had a scheduled c-section 10 days early). Some things to hubby going with you? How are the hospitals at your destination and on your way there? What would you do if you're water broke? (hop in the car and drive home?) How long were your previous labours? (could you get home if needed?).

Do you need to decide right now? I'm 34 weeks tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I could handle a 5 hours drive right now if we had a break in there.

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Tough call.

I just spent 10 hours on a bus (5 hours each way) on a 2.5 day trip this weekend (35 weeks). I am typically someone who goes overdue though. If you have had a baby at 37 weeks it might make me a bit nervous. And YES, I was SUPER sore when I got off the bus last night. My pubic bone was killing me and it was hard to walk.

That being said, I had an awesome time this weekend, and the discomfort was worth it for me. I hope you can make a decision that you are happy with! Tough call!

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I'm in a similar situation since we are travelling when I will be 37 weeks. My last one was 40+3, but we are feeling like the baby will probably come in between 39-40 this time. So it's a similar situation. We will be driving 9 hours away, but to be careful, we will be doing 4 hours, stopping for the night, then probably 2 hours, stopping to have fun with DD then finish off the drive. Same thing on the way back. Looking at the maps we will never be more than 1.5 hours away from a city with a proper hospital, and DH will have no issues driving fast if needed. Right now our plan is to go, but we are leaving ourselves open to a game time decision based on how I feel. I'm also going to get checked by the midwife right before I go to see if baby is still up high, if I'm dilated at all etc. I know this won't impact when I can go into labor, but it might give me some indication of how fast labor might be should it start. Also, if you do decide to go, don't tell any grandparents that will freak out and yell at you about your decision to do it. With DD I went two hours (both ways on one day) to my nephew's birthday party at 37 weeks, and I remember a few people being shocked. I'm not sure why, it's not like I was going somewhere without a hospital or family to help out! And you're going somewhere with family, so you will have what to do with your older kids just in case. Sounds good to me!

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Hummmm, that is a tough call. I'd say the "uncomfortableness" of being in the car is likely the biggest issue. YOu likely won't go into labor, but then again, you never know for sure!

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I think the uncomfortableness is the biggest concern.

Especially since it is near family and as long as their is a hospital nearby (because you never know), I can't see a reason not to otherwise.

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What part of Kentucky?

Personally I would say no, I would be so uncomfortable and nervous about going into labor. But, each person feels a little different about it.