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Ladies I'm sending y'all all of my labor vibes for the next week or so! I traveled 6 hours from home Tues, was supposed to have a hearing yesterday and travel back today, but the hearing was postponed until Friday afternoon so Sat will be the earliest I can go home. It's so nerve wracking being so far from home and being this pregnant. I sure hope the hearing isn't postponed again.

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Oh no!!!! Yeah, I definitely wouldn't like that. Stay in baby!!!

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I hope they don't reschedule it again, those types of situations are always annoying, don't know how you are doing it this far along....

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What a crock! Do they not know you're pregnant and ready to pop? You should be close to home! *hugs*

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Oh man, I can't imagine being more than 20 minutes from home right now. I hope things go smoothly!

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Oh no! Stay in baby!!!

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Stay in baby. I hope the hearing goes your way.