Trying not to get my hopes up!!!

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Trying not to get my hopes up!!!

Hi Ladies,

I am Tara, and I have 3 very handsome and active boys. We are trying for our last and final child. I will hopefully doing a frozen embryo transfer on Saturday as long as the little guys make it through the thaw. I got pg with a fresh cycle 3 years ago with twins but unfortunately lost one at 20 weeks.

I know this has worked for me before but I don't want to get too excited that it may happen again. Am I crazy to think that I can have this done this easy??? All my babies have been fertility babies, and I have had almost everything that can possibly go wrong in a pregnancy happen! lol So this would be the least stressful cycle I have ever had!

Hopefully I can stick around and get to know you all better!


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Welcome aboard. I hope you have an easier time of it this go around Smile

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Welcome and good luck with the procedure! I hope everything works out this time!

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Welcome and good luck to you! You have been through a lot and I hope this time around goes easy for you!

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Welcome and good luck!!!!
Hope everything goes easily and stress free xxxxxx

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Welcome to June. Hope this time around goes a lot smoother for you.

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**EDIT** Sorry, I knew I lost a post somewhere, DS was playing with the keyboard

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Good luck with this cycle, and hope those embryos are in good shape for the thaw!

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welcome and good luck i hope everything goes smoothly

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exciting! Hope all goes well

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Welcome and good luck!

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Glad you are joining us...good luck with the FET. Hope everything goes smoothly. Please KUP Smile

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Hi and welcome to June! Will be keeping everything crossed for you Smile

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Any update? I hope Saturday's transfer was a go.

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"Clarkton" wrote:

Any update? I hope Saturday's transfer was a go.

I was wondering the same thing! Hope she has good news for us soon! Biggrin

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Also eagerly waiting for an update... Wink

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Hope all went well Smile

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*twiddling thumbs* any word??