Two weeks old!

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Two weeks old!

Oliver is two weeks old today. Things are going great. This past week was so insanely busy, I can't even believe we got through it with a newborn. But he handled it like he's always been a part of our crazy family!!!

He is sleeping well. Never had his days and nights mixed up. He goes down at ten and gets up at eight. He usually eats twice during the night. He doesn't fully wake up. He makes little noises until I hear him and he eats and goes right back down. My first two were nearly impossible to put down after night feedings. I'd end up crying in frustration a lot! Oliver is such an easy baby.

Nursing is going well. We made it through the first two weeks without supplementing! With Lucas, I supplemented while my milk was coming in because he was frustrated and I felt helpless. But we managed to push through this time. And thanks to Laurie for telling me to try pumping again closer to two weeks. It's working! I'm getting milk out!

At his check up last week he was 7-7. I'm supposed to take him in this week for a weight check. I think I'm waiting for Friday.

Heres some pictures:

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What a great addition.on to your craziness. I'm so happy he's such an easy baby. U deserve it after that pregnancy.

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Happy 2 weeks Oliver!!!!

He is such a sweet boy. I'm glad you got an easier one...and a sleeper at that! You so deserve a break from the craziness you've been having.

How is your body doing? I hope it's going back to normal for you. You've had a rough pregnancy!

YAY for good BFing and no supplementing. You go girl! Glad to hear the pumping is going well too!!! You're rockin' it!

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Awe he's so adorable. Glad he's a super easy one, sounds like my first DS.

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Your kids are so beautiful! Glad to hear all is gong well and you have an easy baby!

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You are just Superwoman with your busy schedule! I can't believe how active you have been these last 2 weeks.

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Nah, not super woman. Not even close. I know myself and I know I have high odds of postpartum depression. For me, being out of the house and around people seems to be the best way to avoid that. It's a lot easier for me to get out of the house than to sit at home because when I do that, I get obsessed with how many minutes I spent nursing and how much sleep I'm getting and I start having panic attacks and stuff. So it's more survival than anything else.

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Glad to hear he is j is really well at night.

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Glad things are going well for you. I hear you...I feel better being out of the house too. I spent most of my time at home the first 2 weeks but always felt better when I got out and had a change of scenery. Even if it was just a trip to Walmart. At home I just get grumpy and down about how much of a disaster my house is and yet I fail to accomplish getting anything done. I know it's not logical to expect things to come together right away but it's still really frustrating. The condition of my house depresses me. So yeah, it's better to be on the go.