Ugh Welcome back AF

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Ugh Welcome back AF

I swear my mom (and other EBFers I know) raved about how nice it was to not have AF while EBF for several months, I am just not one of those people and it is depressing slightly that my body just hates me. Same thing happened with DS and got AF back 2 weeks after I stopped PP bleeding. I know this may be a silly thing to rant about....

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I don't get much of a break from AF either so I feel your pain. I had mine back before my 6 week PP check with DS1. I had to pump exclusively at first with him in the NICU so I didn't know what to expect since EBF with DS2 but it returned pretty early with him too. I don't remember exactly but was no later than 3 months. It would be nice to have a longer break. I'd love to not get it back prior to weaning this babe but I'm not counting on it.

Of course, on the flip side I'm sure it stinks to want to TTC and have no cycle. So at least you won't have that problem. I bet that's an exciting thought right now Wink

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Ugh! I feel your pain! I EBFed DD and still got AF when she was 3 months! So annoying! DS is a bigger eater so *fingers crossed*.

Hugs to you. SO not fair!

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Boooooo!!!! I've always gone on the mini pill while I BF and haven't had a postpartum AF until I stopped taking that so I'm hoping for that again.

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My PP bleeding hasn't stopped yet but I'm sure AF will come back with two weeks after that. I'm not one of the lucky ones, either. On the upside, AF is pretty might and cramps are mild while EBF and for about a year after. So that part is nice.

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Same here still pp bleeding i hope AF stays away i think ive had enough bleeding

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I have no clue if I had AF or not because I haven't stopped bleeding until the last few days since I had her! almost 7 weeks!

I started the mini pill this week and I haven't even spotted, but I feel so lightheaded now.

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With DS1 I got AF when he was about 6 months old. I had an IUD after DD and now, so no AF to worry about!

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Im pretty sure pp bleeding ended and now its AF Sad I started back on my pill 2 weeks ago and it was great! now Im bleeding not spotting....yet on my pill. I thought it was just spotting...but today I have a migraine and cramps from HECK. Sad I just hope it doesnt do what happened after DS1.... I bled for 9 months (with a day or two each month that I wasnt) and hte dr kept saying it would take a few months to regulate with the b/c.... at the 9 mo point I got a nurse on the line and she said that was ridiculous and that my b/c wasn't strong enough. gave me a different one and then no problems. I guess Ill ask about it when I go back. I can't have a migraine daily when school starts.....