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Everything looked good! Heartbeat was 177, on the high end. The baby was wiggling and moving a little! I am measuring 2 days ahead of my LMP, which I thought I o'd four days late, but anyways! If they moved my date, which they won't, it would be on my son's birthday!
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awww congrats on the ultrasound!!!

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YAY!!!! I think this is our FIRST baby pic on the June board! I'm so glad your appt was great!!!

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Awww, you have a sweet little kidney bean there! Wink So happy for you to get a great report. Biggrin

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Perfect!!! Smile That HR is right where it should be at this point. It starts out slow and then really speeds up for a few weeks before going back down again.

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Woohoo! Yay for a great appt! Hi bean!

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Yeah! Congrats on the good news and the pic Smile

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Cute bean! Congrats on the great appt Smile

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So cute!! I'm glad everything went well!

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What a precious Bean!!!

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Thanks everyone!

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Congrats!! Love all of the great appts and u/s pics lately!!

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awwww, cute bean! Smile

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Great pic! Smile