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was told to drink 32 oz of water and by the time my, appt came i just couldnt hold it any longer, they let me pee and i did a vaginal ultrasound. Im so excited i saw the little one, the picture isnt the best but im measuring exactly 9 weeks which puts my due date July 1st but im probably sticking around here and lurk in July we have a heartbeat of 185 nice and strong. she said everything looks great and measuring exactly how it should

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Yey! Lovely bean (:

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That's so wonderful!!!

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wooo hooo for getting to see your bean! I'm glad all looked great!

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Glad that all looked well!

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Yay! Great news Karen! I'm so excited for you. Biggrin

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Yay! I'm so happy to see this Smile

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That's awesome!!! I'm so happy you finally got to see your baby growing right on track. Smile

On a side note... most places across the country are now not requiring moms to drink any water before ultrasounds. With my last 3 pregnancies (on in MI, and 2 here in NM) they have not required any water drinking.

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the technician was kind of pissed and said she doesnt understand why they keep telling patients to do that, I should of never drank the water i told her it was pure torture to keep holding it and just the pressure of pushing down on my belly would of made me pee anyways

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Yay!!! Congrats! Sorry they tortured your bladder though!

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Awesome news!! I have never had to drink water for any of my kids either. I think just drinking as you normlly do and being able to hold it makes more sense. But over all it didn't matter and you got to see your bean! Yay!!