Ultrasound Pics :)

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Ultrasound Pics :)

I will admit, I'm a little sad Sad but happy too for the bouncing, baby BOY in ma' belly!

Here's a peek at the little monster-in-training!

My DD was sad Sad and I won't deny I cried a bit at the ultrasound but I'm sure I'll get over it! I really do love my boys and this one will be no different.

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I cried a little with each of mine. I really wanted a boy the first time and then I really wanted Tori to have a sister. I think it's normal to have a brief "mourning" period when it's not what you hoped!

great pictures, though. Love the hand!!!

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Those are such great pics! Sorry your DD was bummed too, that makes it harder. Glad he looks healthy as can be though and we know he'll be a handsome little dude based on your other kids and is going to have quite the crew to join so what a lucky little guy!!

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I can imagine why you'd be bummed. I really wanted a girl and had DD been a boy, I probably would have done the same. My friend had convinced herself that her first was a girl and when it was born a boy, she cried and was very upset. I think it's natural.

That said, he is VERY cute in those pictures! They are lovely ones! Maybe take you DD out and let her pick out a new outfit for her baby brother...that might help cheer her up. Smile

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Aww. Sorry you were bummed. But I know he will be as beautiful as your others! ;). Your pics are great! Love the hand one Smile

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Congrats, mama.. After the initial disappointment shock, I'm sure everything will be smooth as silk with all parties.. Healthy little man you have there! Smile

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Such great pics! I am sure everyone will get used to the idea of another handsome boy. Congrats!

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i've been thinking girl this whole time and i probably will be bummed if the baby is a boy but im sure it wont take long for the excitement that DS will have a little brother to play with

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Congrats on your baby boy!!! I will be a little bummed if this baby is a girl because DS desperately wants a brother, but it would be fun for DD2 to have a sister close in age. Mostly I want healthy, but I'm hoping for a boy. Smile

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Aw, Sorry, I know you were hoping for a girl. But he is a cute little guy!!

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So sweet!

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3 boys will be so much fun! Hugs! Sweet little boy you have in there!

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Those are great pictures!!

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Sarahsunshine's daughter was so eager for a girl...but right away, her new baby brother became "My baby". No problem! I suspect it will be the same for Ella.

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Those are GREAT pics!! Congrats on a healthy baby boy.

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Awesome pics:)