Ultrasound pictures

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Ultrasound pictures

Adding these from my phone and then I'll switch to my iPad to type up the whole appointment and stuff. Smile

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Love the chubby little face!!!!!

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Yup, he's definitely a little chunk! Chubby cheeks just like the other two. Unlike them, he sucks his thumb and has hair!

He's measuring 55th percentile, which sounds average but Lucas only measured 30th and he came out 8-6 a week early. So I'm expecting him to shock everyone and be huge. Smile

the tech was amazing. Spent lots of time talking to the kids and answering their questions. Spent some time doing 3D even though that's not why I was there. Had trouble getting measurements because he was wiggly. And his head is very low! I don't think she could've put that u/s wand any lower! And from watching on the screen, I figured out that the shooting pains through my cervix are his hand moving around waaaaayyyyy down there. I'm pretty sure once I dilate, it will take a sneeze and not much more to get him out. Lucas took about ten minutes of pushing and I suspect this one will be even less!

I'm pretty dehydrated and on orders to drink, drink, drink.

my OB was marveling at how amazing it is that a body can grow a healthy baby despite the mom's health. It is pretty crazy, isn't it?

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Holy freaking cuteness!! TFS Biggrin

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So adorable!!!

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He's so cute! I'm glad they aren't worried, yay.

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Aweeeeeee! What a little sweetie! Chubby monkey! Thanks for sharing. It's fun to imagine what my little womb tenant looks like. Biggrin

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Awww, I love seeing their little faces so clearly like that. So cool Biggrin

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