Ultrasound results!

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Ultrasound results!

So it was a miracle but my OB was open today and had power!! So we went and my due date is June 13 but I'll have a csection. So I will most likely deliver on the 6 or 7th. He checked my uterus and said its already the size of an orange which is good. Then we had an ultra sound if the baby and got to see my little peanut! The heart beat was in the 130s. I have a pic but its terrible. We made our next appt for dec 4 for the next ultra sound and appointment. We are so excited!! This makes it so much more real now Smile

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I'm so glad you got your ultrasound! Smile It's always nice to see that heartbeat flickering away.

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YAY! Glad things look good for you!

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YAY! So exciting! Congrats on a great appt!

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Yay! So glad you got see healthy baby today. Smile

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Woohoo! Glad you got to see baby and all is well!

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Yay!!!! great appointment!!!!

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That sound great! Congrats!! Smile

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Yahoo for a great ultrasound!!!

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So exciting.

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Yay!! So excited for you!!

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Thanks ladies!! Smile

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