Ultrasound today!

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Ultrasound today!

Well I got to see our little bloobs heartbeat. Beating strong @ 172 Smile I feel a little more comfortable about this pregnancy working out but they did say that anything could happen. We just have to wait and see. I just cannot wait until I'm far enough along that I can pick up the heart beat on my doppler. My DD still remains 7/2 but we all know even if I was to make it to 39 weeks I would get to have him/her then so it would still be a June baby.

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Yay! Well I'm glad to hear you saw the wee one and the heartbeat! That's a very positive sign!

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That's great!!

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That sounds like a good appointment! Congrats on seeing HB

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Yay Sandy, so happy for you! I hope you are able to enjoy being a happy, healthy pregnant lady for a while now. Smile

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Sounds like a nice, healthy baby in there!! Smile

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I'm so glad you got to see the baby and heartbeat! happy dance.