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Update :)

Sorry I haven't been around in awhile! We have been soooo sick. We got the flu and it was awful. We got it just after we celebrated DD's first birthday so someone probably brought a virus to the party Sad and I have had several colds.

But I am feeling a bit better now! I had a midwife appt and it was great. We talked a lot about the emotional side of this pregnancy. Being that it is my second and DD is still so young...and that this pregnancy was unplanned, I have had a little more trouble bonding with this baby and often "forget" I'm pregnant. I have felt guilty about it and worried I won't connect with this babe the same way. She was very supportive Smile BP was 108/58 and baby's heartbeat was in the 150's, very similar to DD so I wonder if I am having another girl???

also, I quit my job and I am officially a SAHM! Actually, I am launching a business so not quite. I am doing maternity, birth, infant, and family videography. I just shot my first birth video. It was very exciting, a home birth turned hospital transfer, which ended in a c-section and a brief NICU stay for the baby. Very overwhelming but mom and babe are doing great now and I can't wait to share this video with them!

hope everyone else is doing well!!

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Im glad you have support and good luck with the business! I wish i had a videographer for our wedding, but we dont have a good one around here Sad tho you wouldn't probably do that huh.

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Sounds like good news all around! Have fun with your new business! What a joy to be part of such important moments in people's lives!

Glad your appt went well and that the sickness is leaving you alone now!

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I'm glad you were able to talk about your feelings. Sometimes just talking about it really helps to sort out what you're feeling. Great news about your business. That sounds like a lot of fun - and what a dramatic first shoot!!

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Glad that all is going well with you now.

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Sorry about all the sicknesses, yuck! Good luck with your new business, how exciting Biggrin And glad things seem to be going well with the baby!

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Wow, that's one crazy birth story. Poor people!

Glad you're back...I had been wondering where you went! Smile

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Glad you are feeling better! Having the flu and being PG must have been crazy hard!! Congrats on the new personal business and for a great appointment!

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Wow, lots going on in your life lately! Sorry to hear you were sick...I had the flu when I was 33 wks along with DS2. It's so very miserable when you are pregnant. Congratulations on quiting your work outside of the home and tons of luck getting your new business running. Smile Sounds like really exciting work too!! Also glad to hear you were able to talk through some feelings with your midwife and that it helped you feel better.