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Oh my gosh, I have been horribly sick with a cold for a week and a half now. Coughing all day and night, congested, sore throat, the whole deal! And it doesn't get any better!! And now, just when I thought DD might have escaped it, she was up screaming all night last night...DH and I got maybe two hours of sleep. I started to suspect an ear infection, so we took her in today and she is just borderline for it, BUT she has a cold and a bit of pink eye going AND the doc thinks she's in pain due to more molars coming in. She's only 11 months but has eight teeth and three molars and a couple more coming through. My poor baby! I feel awful for her and awful myself! :eek: Thanks for letting me vent!

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Im sorry you are all going through this, hopefully everyone will feel better for the holidays Smile

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It's so hard to be sick and take care of a sick kid. No fun at all. I hope you both get feeling better!

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UGH! That all sucks. Did they put DD on antibiotics??? I hope you all start feeling better soon!

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Im so sorry. that is awesome that she has so many teeth tho! El is 1 and has 3 teeth!

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Eeep sorry so much is happening to her at once. Sounds like a good day for cuddles in the bath, that's one of the few things that got DS feeling any better at that age.

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yikes! I hope everyone feels better soon!

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So sorry!!!!

We have pink eye at our house too, and the-cold-from-hell has been here for 5 weeks and won't go away. I need some sleep!!!!!

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Thanks all!

Heather, no antibiotics yet just because it is really not a full blown infection. If it persists we'll go see my GP and get some. She was pretty cheerful most of the day so I'm hopeful that she is on the mend tomorrow!