Waiting, waiting, waiting.

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Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Ugh. Woke up out of a sound sleep because tummy hurt. Contractions again. Not sure how much more I can take. I felt so strongly about no pain meds this time but honestly? I getting so exhausted from dealing with contractions all night long and part of every day... I want an epidural right now! Bleh.

I was barely able to eat yesterday. My stomach hurt too much from contractions (which were every 12-15 minutes for SEVEN hours before suddenly tapering off). So now I'm starving but still not really feeling like I could eat. Ugh.

This whole pregnancy I've had mucous discharge every time I wiped. The past week I had gobs of it. Now the past 24 hours, none. Did I finally lose it all? There was never a huge chunk. Weird.

I just want my water to break because then even if contractions don't pick up on their own, I could do something about it! I'm so worn out. This really, really sucks.

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I'm sorry you are having a rough go of it. Sounds like you likely lost most of your plug, some days I loose lots of mucous and others not so much.

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It sounds incredibly hard, but try to hang in there. Every day that you feel that way brings you closer to the end and meeting your baby. Your body is doing what it needs to do to bring him into the world.

My body did pretty much the same thing yours is doing at the end with Madi, and labor was so quick and uneventful when it finally started for real that it was so worth it.

Irritable uterus isn't a great condition, but it will go away soon. Thinking of you!

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Hi Nicole! Smile

Stupid contractions every 5-7 all freaking night. 6am they just stopped completely. Again. I am so tired.

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Oh I feel your pain other than mine arent during the night (that would so tick me off) yesterday I was having contractions 7 to 10 mins apart for almost 12 hrs. I am so sore this morning. I just wish I would dialate so that they would go ahead with the csection. I sure hope things either progress or give you enough time for a break soon. It is no fun.

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Hugs to you girl. I know how rough this pregnancy has been in you. I hope you're able to get a break soon so you can rest.

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Sad That is rough... I had bloody show for 4/5 days this time, and then 3 days with absolutely NOTHING. Then, I went into labor. There never was anymore big globs of mucus or bloody anything at that point. It was already out.

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I'm sorry. Today u r as far along as I was when I had Emalyn. It would be great for one more day even if they give u a break...

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I just want my body to knock this off. I'm not ready for him to come out. But I am so sick of all of this, I can't stop crying. I just want to spend the afternoons at the pool with my kids the next few weeks and sit through soccer games without being in agony.

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