Water intake (and outtake)

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Water intake (and outtake)

I have no issue getting in the insane amount of water we are supposed to be drinking. I estimate I get 100 oz a day in while at work (weekends is a bit less), but I am not peeing even close to that amount out!

I always have to pee, but not much comes out and not to overshare, but I never get to clear and sometimes is is actually pretty concentrated.

Now last night I woke up to pee 3-4 times, each really big. I had weighed myself on the Wii before working out at 4pm the previous afternoon and when I weighed myself again in the morning I was down -5.3 lbs!! Now I didn't lose that in weight (and I was wearing my normal workout gear - yoga pants, tank top)

Is it possible, normal, healthy to be storiing all that water and then letting it go periodically (not daily)? Since I'm not swelling in my legs, feet or hands I'm wondering if this could be contributing to how large I am measuring.

Either way it is strange to me.

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how odd. i do tend to pee more at night too, and am never anywere near clear and my urine always says im dehydrated at the office even tho im getting about 80 a day or more now.

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I feel the same way I drink tons of water and i dont feel I pee that much..last week I peed at 9:30pm woke up at 11pm had to pee so bad then again at 2 am and then again at 5 am