We have a heartbeat...

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We have a heartbeat...

Hi Ladies:

I went for my first u/s yesterday. The U/S tech had me really worried; but I got a call from my doctor that she thinks everything is progressing well. I should have been 6 weeks + 4 days. Baby measured 5+5. There is a HB, but the U/S tech said it was hard to measure; she is guessing it is about 100. Because baby was measuring small and the HB was hard to find, I have to go back in a week for another scan.

But, the tech made it seem like I should be worried; she kept saying my ovulation date was probably just later than I thought and everytime she gave me a measurement for anything I would ask if it was a good number and she basically gave me non-answers. She said at the end, the doctor will call you and you will probably have to get another scan.

So, I was on egg shells and waiting for a call. In the mean time, I of course googled and learned that a HB of 100 at 6- 8 weeks re****ed in 50% miscarriage rate. So, then I got a call from the doctor.

Baby is measuring small, but the fact they found a HB at that size is great news. She also stressed that it's easy for the measurement to be off at this point just because the baby is so small. So, I do go back in a week for scan two and just hope the baby has caught up and the HB has gotten stronger.


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Oh Christa, I'm so glad they found that precious little heartbeat. Still, it's hard when you can never know for sure how things will turn out. I've had early scans with 3 of my pregnancies. With one I was measuring a few days small and the HB was around 102... that one ended in miscarriage. With another one I was measuring one day small and a HB of 98... that baby is alive and well. One I was measuring a day ahead, and the HB was 117... I also had lots of bleeding in the beginning with that one, and we welcomed her into the word 2 weeks ago! There are just so many unknowns at this early stage. I hope and pray that God lets you keep this LO! Please KUP!!

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Yay for finding a HB but I can totally understand your worry. It's so hard this early in the game to NOT worry. My midwife has mentioned to me that ovulation date isn't the be-all and end-all for conception date, that it can actually happen several days after ovulation. Hopefully all is well at your next appt. *hugs*

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keep my fingers crossed for you.. KUP

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Great news they found a HB! Thinking good thoughts for a healthy baby and a HH9M!

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I'm so excited and hopeful for you!

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Glad to see that sweet ultrasound! Hope that your next one brings even better news. I know what is feels like to be waiting for that next ultrasound to see if everything is still looking good!

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