We have a plan, at least.

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We have a plan, at least.


still 4cm but 80% and head is "right there". Because he was going by a 28 day cycle and I'd been having 24-25 day cycles, he has me not hitting 39 weeks until Sunday (but I know exactly when I ovulated so My dates ate differebt) so by law now I guess he has to wait until Monday to help me out in any way.

If nothing happens on it's own this weekend, I am scheduled to have my water broken at 9am Monday morning. He thinks with my current cervix situation and number of contractions, that'll be all I need. He said I'll have lots of time after that to just walk and let things happen on their own. If things don't pick up enough, we will then try an oral med to strengthen contractions and pitocin only as a final resort (and pitocin has previously made my babies pretty much shoot out). So I have a lot of time before I get stuck with an IV trapped in bed or anything.

I wasn't thrilled about the idea of an induction but I think this plan is pretty laid back and I'm just in so much pain right now, I need relief.

But there's still plenty of time for my water to break in its own!!!

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sounds like a good plan if julianna doesn't come on her own I will also be induced on Tuesday

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I agree that with all your contractions and being 4 cm already there is a good chance things will advance on their own if they break your water. Hope baby boy doesn't make you wait until next week though.

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Well, things could happen really quick once they break your water. I was 39 weeks and 4 cm when they broke my water for Sophie... and she was born 2 hours later. I went from not having a single contraction to having a "major" contraction 2 minutes after they broke my water. Wink I'm glad you have a plan! I still hope this baby decides to be born today though. Hey, it could still happen!!