We are home/update

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We are home/update

Finally was released to go home at 9pm last night! It was a long three days at the hospital. My BP is still high but I'm on meds and they are watching me. My doctor thinks it was all emotional and should calm down quickly. But at it's highest was something like 180/115. Not cool at all.

I am healing great! I had a small first degree tear and a few stitches. They are healing nicely. I am very sore but those cytotec induced contractions were no joke. They were so strong they almost made me stand straight up. My arms are sore from how hard I was gripping the bed!!! My worst issue ishe cane out so fast, I have really bad hemorrhoids. The nurse said they are swollen and bruised so its twice as bad. As if there are good hemorrhoids?

Oliver is seriously a perfect nurser. My milk is flowing great today, enough that he has milky drool all down his face after he eats. And his latch is already perfect. My nipples aren't even sore. I can't believe it. I never thought nursing could go this smoothly.

My cats are doing better than I thought. They smelled him a few times and haven't bothered him otherwise. My kids are ok. Tori is struggling more than Lucas and I didn't see that coming! She needs a ton of attention suddenly.

Now. One bad thing. He woke up screaming at 2am and basically didnt stop until noon. He ate hourly during that time and then would scream in between. I'm hoping he was frustrated that my milk wasn't fully in because it definitely is now. Not wanting to face another night of that. Jon was great though. I nursed him and he'd sleep for awhile and then he'd get up and walk the halls while I slept a little. We each only got 20 minutes at a time but at least it kept us sane.

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Glad to hear so many things are going great! Yay for a good nurser!

We had a few bad times initially shortly after my milk came in. I think it was mainly M's digestive system learning how to deal with the milk. I think he had problems farting at first. Not sure but he soon figured it out. I think some of his other screaming moments were because he was hungry and I didn't get it. I didn't know about cluster feeding.

Sorry to hear Tori is having troubles adjusting. I'm trying to make an effort to do some of our same mommy/daughter things with K but my failing health is still upsetting her.

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Sounds like overall things are going really well! I know Maddie nursed ALL NIGHT LONG the first couple nights before my milk came in. She sleeps fantastic now though. Hopefully your little guy will now too.

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Glad things are going pretty good. I still have a screamer and cluster feeder. It's her guts I know bc she can't poop. 4 days now :(. I can relate with the Bp issues. With dd1 I was at 230/170. Scary stuff. I hope u feel much much better soon.