We are a new member of......

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We are a new member of......

Team Pink!!!!!

I'm on :cloud9:!

Everything is wonderful. She was active and healthy and all looks good. THey couldn't see my SCHs and said my risk of bleeding is back down to normal and I can resume normal activity!!!

I'll post a pic by tommorrow. My husbad took them with him to scan. Smile

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YAY!!!! Baby girls are fun fun fun! Congratulations on the girl and the great u/s. I can't wait for those pics! Biggrin

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Congrats on your healthy baby GIRL! :woohoo: SO exciting!!

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Congrats on team pink, and more importantly congrats on no more SCH!

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Woohoo! Congrats!

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Yey! Congrats Smile

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Fabulous!!!!!!!!!! Smile :-) Smile

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Congrats!! Girls are so much fun!!

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Congrats!!!! I'm so happy for you!

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Congratulations on your baby girl! Yahoo

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Try again. Every time I try to respond my phone acts up.

Congrats!!!! It's really cool to have a boy and a girl. I'm excited for you!