Weekly belly pic thread (11/12 - 11/18)

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Weekly belly pic thread (11/12 - 11/18)

I thought at this point it would be nice to start doing a weekly thread for belly pics! Post your most recent belly and feel free to post your "progression" so far too. Smile

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Okay here is 6 weeks on the left and 9 weeks on the right.

I think I do notice a slight difference. Usually by about 11-12 weeks I start to have a noticeable belly.

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Think it is really just bloat

4 weeks


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The belly you see was already there. None of it is pregnancy-related. Smile

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Here I am at 10 weeks (excuse that I'm on my treadmill! Gotta run to get some energy!!) The top of my stomach has grown as much as the bottom. :rolleyes:

Sorry about my dog's...uh rear view LOL Didn't notice him until just now.

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testing day 6? weeks
7 weeks
9 weeks

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12 weeks, I have definitely blossomed over the last couple of days!