weight gain goal....

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weight gain goal....

So someone commented on another thread that they clicked my baby space and was confused bc it looked so similar to my 09 space..... then she realized it WAS my 09 space..... SO jsut for giggles I went back and looked over to see when I started showing etc..... MY goal this pregnancy... not to become the WHALE that I was in 09!!!!!!! before I unlink it check it out and see how big I got! I know we were talking about size on another thread but Ic an't remember which!

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But you are a small gal, so you get to gain more.

I don't worry unless Doc mentions it. But I did gain 60-ish lbs with DS, that didn't come off for a good two years or so. I am not a small person, but family history has shown we BALLOON with our pregnancies.

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60 is what I gained....... never lost it all.

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But you still look like you are within a healthy range.

The only reason I think I lost that much was because I was running my butt off at the hospital. Hard not to when you are doing nearly 20 miles per day.

EDIT: That came out a little wrong.

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Looks normal to me. I gained 45. Hoping to gain less this time. Like hopefully not much more than 20, which would put me at the same ending weight.

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Im glad you ladies think I looked normal! I thought I looked like a whale! the entire pregnancy I was asked if I was having twins.

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I''m pretty sure I put on over 40 lbs last time. Probably more. I stopped looking when I hit 200. LOL. I'm starting out about 13 lbs lighter this time so I hope I can stay under 200. The midwife said they prefer you to gain less than 35 lbs. We shall see! LOL

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With DS I gained 13 lbs, yes I know you can hate on me. I wasn't even trying to not gain much. DS was on the smaller side, so wouldn't neccessarily recommended it. I always joke that at my 6 week postpartum I weighed what I did when I got pregnant, but nothing was in the same place! With DD I gained about 30 pounds. I never did quite lose all of it, but got back to within 7 pounds of my pre-preganancy weight. With this pregnancy I would like to stay at 20-25 pounds. I sure hope that I can stick with my goal!

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My goal is to gain as little as possible; but still be healthy for the baby. I'm starting this pregnancy about 45ish pds over my ideal weight. So, I don't want to gain too much and put my health or the baby at risk. A few weeks ago, I started a water aerobics class and I think I will continue that unless the doc tells me otherwise.

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FWIW, I don't think you look like a "whale" either. It's always strange to see ourselves MUCH bigger than normal.

I gained about 35 with my first and 38 with my second. I lost the weight plus some both times so it'll be interesting to see what happens this time around. I tend to let myself indulge in too many treats when I'm pg so I'm hoping to be a little more disciplined this time and avoid the 5-10 extra pounds. But as long as I stay around the same, I won't complain much.

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I just follow the same rules pregnant that I do when I'm not. Eat when hungry (but NOT to the point of stuffing myself), and don't eat if I'm not hungry. I'm at a healthy weight, and I've always put on between 30-45 pounds with my pregnancies. I've always lost it all by 6 months pp. Funny thing though, I always put on the most weight during the first trimester!! Yep, I'm always up about 15 pounds at 12-13 weeks pregnant!! That part I hate because I don't look pregnant yet, just chubby!

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I haven't had trouble loosing pregnancy weight just trouble with gaining it back after loosing it. With DS1 I lost 10 lbs in the first tri due to m/s, I think I ended up about 20 lbs over my pre preg weight, so a total gain of about 30 lbs. I was at pre preg weight by my 6 week post partum check but gained back 20 by the time DS was a yr old. I was always so hungry with BFing him and it was a stressful first yr with his early start, 17 days in the NICU and a tough road to fight to get him exclusively BFing (I was stubborn).

With DS2 I didn't loose weight and started packing it on from the start. I started that pregnancy at 143 and ended at nearly 175 depending on which scale you go by. Again I was at pre preg weight by 7 wks pp. I don't do anything to get back it just happens...with both I was down 20 lbs within 2 weeks of the birth. This time I was much more relaxed that first yr and the weight continued to come off with no effort while BFing DS2. I lost down to 132 but after weaning I gained quickly and am currently starting this preg at mid 140s.

So my plan with this one, being I expect this baby to be my last is to capitalize on the initial post partum weight loss and not gain it back. I have to also get in shape after this preg I have gotten so weak and out of shape. I must reclaim my body again. Smile

But I've got a good 9 months, Lord willing, before I have to worry about that Wink

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I think you looked good!

Last pregnancy I never weighed myself. I knew my starting weight, and I was a little overweight. My midwife was totally fine with not weighing me too. She estimated I gained about 35 pounds in the end. I lost all but two of them before getting pregnant again, and this time I would prefer to keep the gain around 25 pounds since I am still a bit overweight.

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I guess I am a bit weird. I actually lost 39 lbs when i was pregnant with my daughter. i was overweight to begin with tho. I just was eating healthier and very sick. I gained 17 back so still down 22 overall and lost 12 in the first 6 weeks pp. I did gain all and more back after having her. Now I am starting this pregnancy down again because ive lost 26 lbs since I got sick on the 22nd of september (had surgery the 27th). I am hoping to be healthy and not too focused on weight since my mind is on a healthy baby. (though I am secretly hoping to loose a lot after this one).