Weird dreams while preg.... Anyone else?

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Weird dreams while preg.... Anyone else?

Everytime I get pregnant I sometimes have these weird dreams.... Not so much weird just sometimes plan scary.
I had a dream I was at work and stopped to go to the restroom... I wiped and there was blood. I freaked out. I work in a hosp so my supervisor had to me go to er. No one took me serious in er. No one would see me. I could see the minutes ticking away from my babies life. It was really scary.

But Mainly I've been having those sex dreams.... U know where the dream is soooo good lmao!!!

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Hasn't really started yet -- but I did have odd dreams with both the first two Smile

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I remember this being the same way last time too. Last night was a full on soap opera with my first boyfriend wanting to take care of my son and I and leave his financee and I leave DH. It was crazy real and so I chose hubbie in the dream Wink

Last time I had alot of sex dreams too :bigsmile:

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Every night! In fact, constant vivid and weird dreams was my first symptom both times.

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Ive had 1 dream that i went to the bathroom and i was bleeding and 1 weird sex dream

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I have also been having sex dreams lol. With Elora i kept having a dream that I was at the store and put her in the van, started the van up because it was cold, and went to the trunk to load up and someone got in and took off with her. I always woke up crying

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I have some pretty bizzare dreams everynight! Don't remember all of them, but for some reason all my dreams seems to be in my parents house and I don't even live close to them. I also had a dream I was superman. Like I said...bizzare!

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I have crazy realistic dreams all the time, but pregnancy really makes it worse (or better depending on the dream) The only time I have ever talked in my sleep was when I was pregnant with DS and am waiting for that to kick in again.

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So I had a sex dream last night and totally o'd. weird, but now i am spotting a bit. is that normal?