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i promise you ladies, this is not what we saw two weeks ago!!!! I remember with Tori being told never to trust what you see at 18 weeks or earlier. Now I understand why!!!!!

so I'm in shock a little bit.

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O my! Well congrats on team blue then. Lol. Does that mean my lo could still be a boy?

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COngrts! That makes me nervous too. I kept asking the ultrasound tech if she was really sure it was a girl. lol!

A friend of mine was pregnant with her 3rd baby and was told it was a girl. Previously, she had twins a boy and a girl, so she got her daughters clothes out of the attic and cleaned them to get ready. A few week before givingbirth, she had another ultrasound and oops...."its a boy!" lol!

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Congrats! That would be shocking! I guess that is by my OB refuses to do U/S before 20 weeks.

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Eep. Hopefully you hadn't already rushed out and bought a bunch of girly stuff.

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WOAH! What a crazy turn of events. Talk about shaking your world. How is Tori taking the news? Sad

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oh my.. i kept asking the tech was she completely sure it was a girl to, thank god u found out now

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Wow crazy! I'm assuming that aside from "growing" a penis Wink he is looking good??

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I have friends that had their 7th baby recently. Baby was supposed to be a girl, they only had a girl's name picked out. Mike's FB post when baby arrived was "baby has a growth, doctors are not worried". I figured out right away that Amelia was going to have to have a name change...baby Samuel is now 4 months old Biggrin

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Uh oh! Glad you found out sooner rsther than later!! Congrats on a cute little man!

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Oh surprises!! Congrats on your little boy!

To be honest I think I'm usually pretty good at making out u/s pics but I can't really tell what is what in your first one that is labeled boy. Is it just me? I found out this is a girl at 18 wks 1 day and think it was a pretty conclusive view but who really knows? Wink

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You can't see Lynn? The top left is the scrotum with a tiny penis to the right of it.... (Hubby couldn't see it either when I showed him)

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Ok I see that...I guess his legs are folded up against him and the round end on the left is his bottom. I was confused b/c I couldn't figure out how baby was oriented in this pic and I couldn't see legs. I gotcha now though, thanks! Smile

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Congrats on a shocking surprise! Wink

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The picture was a weird angle, I think. I am probably going to pay for a fun ultrasound just to be certain.

Otherwise, everything is good. My LMP due date is 7-7 but I know when I ovulated and I say 7-3. The ultrasound agrees with me, 7/3. But really funny, everything measured perfectly at 20 weeks except the legs. They measured 23 weeks! Tori is in the 98th percentile for height and she is all leg. So looks like another super tall one.

My ultrasound tech is training to go to the higher level heart issue diagnosis stuff and she had the heart specialist tech with her teaching her so she practiced on me doing all kinds of extra heart checks. Everything was perfect.

Jon accidentally leaned on the emergency button they push when they see something wrong on the u/s and the nurse came running in a panic. It ended up being kinda humorous and several different staff members teased him before we left.

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How cool that you got a thorough check of his heart like that. And too funny about DH Smile
It is a different angle where you can't see much else beside the boy part but that is definitely what it is. I can tell now that I'm looking at it correctly. This little one has been a surprise from the start and just keeps them coming Wink