Well since you're all so antsy.....

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Well since you're all so antsy.....

It's a boy!

Born at 8:37, 7lb 8oz. Perfect homebirth. Typing with one hand since I'm holding him. Contractions all day around 15-20 minutes apart, then DD nursed at 4:30 which brought them to 3-4 instantly. He was out in about 3 pushes. No tearing and we're all doing great!

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Yay!!!!!! Wttw!!!!

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Congratulations! Yay for a perfect home birth and no tearing! A dream!

Does he have a name?

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Awesome!!! Congratulations. Smile

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Congrats! So exciting!!!!

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Yay! Congratulations on your baby boy!!

I bet S is so excited...I know she must be a very helpful big sis!! So how long do we have to wait to find out his name? I know you'll have a ceremony but can't remember the timeframe?

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He'll be named next Sunday.... we still have to finalize his name anyway, so it's goo we have some time.

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Way to go, you awesome mama! Congrats. and welcome baby boy!!!!!

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Congrats!! Yahoo

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Congrats! Wttw baby boy!

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Yay!!! Congrats mama! Can't wait to see pictures. Smile :)

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Welcome to the world little guy!! WTG momma!! Sounds like a great birth experience!

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Congrats mommy!! Wttw baby boy!