Well..... UPDATED with pics

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Well..... UPDATED with pics

The kids are excited, they got their brother! She didn't even have to tell me. As soon as she pulled up the leg shot it was obvious! He was feet down , and was hiding his face between the placenta and the uterine wall. She turned on the 3D for second, but it was hard to get a clear shot of his face. I saw about half of his face. He was pretty calm and not moving too much. He would stretch his legs and I did see him open his mouth one time. Heart rate was 143. I get to see him again Friday, so I can't wait for that! I will post a pic later!

I couldn't get my scanner to work, so I had to take these pics with my phone and edit in Photobucket. AGH!

903F2D95-1678-46BB-BF6E-BC89706E966B-193-0000000EB46AF2C9_zps3fb0791f, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Profile Shot

95B5E8D0-5A5C-4DF6-A1B9-E30EBC5A171E-193-0000000E8C0A387B_zps45d7a4c1, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Front Face

41B3D91C-FDE4-4888-BBE2-31488CE56968-193-0000000EF54321D9_zpsde9fc49f, Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Boy Parts

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Oh, so exciting!!! Smile

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YAY for them getting what they want!!! A boy on our board! The first one! Smile

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Wow! This still seems so far away for me! So exciting!!!! Congrats!

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:woohoo: Congrats on your little guy! Sorry he wouldn't give you a clear face shot. My DD did that too, except would only show us the BACK of her head (little stinker - should've known she'd be a stubborn kid!).

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Yay!! Congrats on your boy!! Sounds like a great appt....even though he wouldn't show you his whole face.

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Congrats on your baby boy!!!!

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Congrats on your little boy!

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Congrats team blue!! Smile

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Congrats! That's awesome!

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Congratulations on your little boy!! Biggrin

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Those sure are some boy parts if I've ever seen them! LOL

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Yeah that's pretty obvious Wink Congrats again

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How exciting! Congrats on your boy.

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congrats!!!! that is def a boy Smile

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Congrats on your little boy. I know it was so exciting to see.